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CAEC Fact Sheet

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Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC)

Information about the new credential for adult learners

About the Canadian Adult Education Credential

New Brunswick, in collaboration with several other provinces and territories, is participating in the new Canadian Adult Education Credential program. This new credential will replace the GED, which will no longer be available in Canada after May 3, 2024.

The CAEC will provide a high-quality, made-in-Canada education credential that meets industry standards as a replacement for the GED. Employers, post-secondary institutions and others will be able to count on the CAEC as a reliable indicator of Canadian adults’ level of educational achievement.

Who is the CAEC for?

Like the GED, the CAEC is for Canadian adults who do not have a high school diploma but need an education credential to open new doors to educational or employment opportunities, or to validate an existing high school diploma or skills.

People may take the CAEC for various reasons, including:

• to meet the educational requirements for current and future employment opportunities, or

• to qualify for post-secondary education programs such as apprenticeships, college or other workplace training programs.

What subjects will be on the CAEC?

Developed with input from a provincial-territorial working group, employers, and post-secondary institutions, the CAEC will be tailored to the needs of Canadian adults and will reflect diverse cultures and perspectives. Delivered on an easy-to-use online platform, tests will be available in English and French in the following subject areas:


English or Français - Part I: Reading Part II: Writing

Mathematics - Part I: No Calculator Part II: Calculator

Social Studies - One part only

Science - One part only

Will the GED still be recognized after the CAEC is introduced?

Yes, the 2002 tests for the GED credential will still be accepted or recognized after the CAEC is introduced.

People who have started their GED are encouraged to complete the full test series before May 3, 2024; however, those who have passed some GED tests will be able to have those tests count toward their CAEC for three years up to May 2027.

Also, certain high school courses may be able to be used towards CAEC subject tests as well. Details on this are currently being finalized.

When and where will the CAEC be available?

The CAEC will be available starting in spring 2024, and a dedicated website with more detailed information about the tests, test preparation, and how to register will launch in early 2024. Questions? General questions about the CAEC can be sent to Visit the GNB’s web page for the latest CAEC news and updates!

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