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GED Testing Application

Apply as early as possible as seating is limited. Your application must be received two (2) weeks before the testing date you requested. If received after the deadline, you will be scheduled for the next available session. You will be notified with the details for your session (location, dates, times, etc).

You must show a valid PHOTO I.D. bearing your name, date of birth, address, and signature (e.g. driver’s licence, passport) to be admitted to the testing room.


Your test results are mailed within six (6) weeks of writing. Test results are confidential and cannot be given over the phone. The results reported are standard scores and percentile ranks; no raw scores or essay scores are given. A standard score of 450 or higher indicates success. Strict security must be maintained; therefore, test booklets and answer sheets are not available for review nor for use in diagnostic/counselling activities.


An alternative method to receive your results is through the website operated by the GED Testing Services. On the home page, choose English-Canada from the drop-down. Create a free MyGED account. You will receive email alerting you when your test results are available.


You may rewrite a test in which the standard score is less than 450. After your initial testing attempt you may re-test up to two (2) times on the content area without any wait time between the re-tests. After the third testing attempt, each re-test attempt must be preceded by a 60-day waiting period. For scores less than 400, you are strongly encouraged to do some form of upgrading before the re-test is attempted.


If you are applying to write the large print edition (18 point type), please send a note with this form.


If you have specific learning and/or physical disabilities and require special accommodations, please contact the GED Chief Examiner to obtain the information and necessary paperwork that must be submitted with this application. The contact information is email: ; phone (506) 453-8251, (506)444- 2525, or 1-877-453-3030 (Toll Free)

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