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When both volunteer board members and the organization are in tune with one another the experience can be both personally and professionally rewarding. Volunteers fill vital leadership roles within the organization and without their time, energy, and commitment the work could not be done.

The CVALA Board of Directors operates as a policy board and has several active committees. Our meetings are held once a month and are typically two hours in length. The length of service is one year in duration, with nominations occurring each October at our Annual General Meeting, although a board member can join anytime throughout the year. Board members are reimbursed for travel expenses and a light supper is always provided at meetings.

Your gift of time and talent as a volunteer board member makes possible many important benefits to your fellow New Brunswickers.

My journey with adult education started with a request from the principal of our school to help write a proposal for an Access Centre to be housed in the school for the purpose of teaching computer skills and giving computer access to the community.

I went from a member of the committee to secretary, to chair and to treasurer and chair of the Access Centre. When the Access Centres amalgamated with the Community Adult Learning classes under one organization, I again worked with talented others to set up one structure. Each experience allowed me to move out of my comfort zone and to learn new skills.

Why have I stayed for over 20 years? It is the knowledge that adult education does make a positive difference in a learner’s life. Education affects the learner’s livelihood, their children, their spouse or partner and perhaps the generations to follow. We may not be able to help them all, but the ones we do, enable them to be self-sufficient productive members of our community. Few things in life are so rewarding!
Diana Pike - CVALA Board Secretary

We are currently seeking volunteer board members with the following skills and expertise: 

Fund Development 

To assist with creating fund development and implementation strategies for resource diversity security, and recruiting corporate donors.

Human Resources

To support the Executive Director and CVALA staff by ensuring appropriate organizational procedures are in place.​


To assist in research related to project-based initiatives.



To provide insight on contracts, staffing conflicts, and board liability​.


To oversee revenue and expenditures and provide regular reports at the board level, to ensure proper reporting procedures for tax returns, and maintaining charitable status.

Do you have a passion for community?  Are you interested in the advancement of literacy? Do you have experience to offer as a non-profit board member? You can make a difference in your community!

Candidates for this highly valuable and rewarding volunteer role will work with the Board:

  • Providing leadership

  • Ensuring the continuance of the Board

  • Understanding the organization's mission and mandate

  • Setting and maintaining policy

  • Ensuring that effective organizational planning takes place

  • Ensuring that funds are properly managed, knowing and understanding the financial statements

  • Knowing the Board's legal obligations and ensuring they are followed

  • Representing the membership

  • Upholding the confidentiality of learners and of Board discussions

  • Attending and participating in Board meetings

  • Participating in committee work and fundraising

Join our board of directors - contact Laura at or 1-855-446-4052

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