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GED Administrator and Invigilator



The GED Testing Administrator is responsible for all communication with GED testing applicants and the GED exam invigilators. The Administrator is responsible for all tasks associated with planning and preparation for applicants to write the GED exams and also responsible for all post exam tasks. 


The GED Test Invigilator is responsible for all communication with the GED exam applicants on the day of the exam. The invigilator is responsible for ensuring all exam procedures are strictly followed to give the exam applicants the best chance for a successful writing experience.


General Requirements


  • Must have a high school diploma or GED diploma

  • Must have high level working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and data management systems

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

  • Strong organizational and time management skills

  • Have worked with confidential information

  • A valid driver’s license, reliable transportation as travel is required

  • Completion of a criminal record check

  • Written and Spoken competence in French and English is an asset


Position Responsibilities


  • Develop an exam schedule with days and times, book exam rooms and confirm availability of exam invigilator. Complete excel spreadsheet and send to the chief examiner

  • Receive GED exam applications and contact the teacher or applicant if no email address was given

  • Check if there is space available for the requested writing date

  • Create a confirmation notice for the session and when no more changes are required send the confirmation notice out to all applicants for that specific session

  • Check GED Manager to see if the applicant has an existing profile and/or has previously written a test(s) in Student Search and in Historical Search

  • If applicant has written GED tests in the past, check which Test Form ID and the date of the last testing to ensure they can write (three consecutive fails requires a 60 day waiting period and cannot write the same test form 2 times in a row)

  • Complete excel spreadsheet for creating a learner profile and to register the applicant for the correct exam session and send information to the chief examiner

  • The day before testing send the final attendance sheet and the tally sheet to the invigilator

  • Coordinate with the chief examiner to arrange for special accommodations testing

  • Invigilate special accommodations testing

  • Supervise and support GED exam invigilators to ensure proper exam procedures are followed

  • Process invoices and payment for exam invigilators

  • The GED Administrator must inventory secure testing materials upon receipt, again before and after each test session

  • Review and follow all procedures in the Examiner’s Responsibilities handbook

  • The day before the test print 2 copies of the attendance sheet and 2 copies of the

tally sheet that were sent by the GED Test Administrator

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the exam registration time

  • Assign duties to proctor if applicable

  • Maintain test security by screening all test materials in the locked cabinet prior to

handing out material to exam candidates

  • Keep all exam candidate’s information confidential

  • Verify Photo I.D and obtain signature from each candidate

  • Read exam instructions out loud and secure the personal belongings of exam

     candidates prior to starting the exam

  • Pass out exam booklets, answer sheets and any other supplies needed for the exam (pencils, scrap paper, calculators etc.)

  • Keep time on the exam and provide verbal updates when there is only 10 minutes remaining for the exam.

  • Complete the Tally Sheet to ensure all tests have been collected

  • Test Booklets must be filed numerically and demographic booklets and answer sheets must be filed alphabetically

  • Return all materials to Fredericton either by courier using the provided forms or in person

  • Cancelling an exam must only be done when absolutely necessary and the GED Test Administrator must be notified immediately and also the notice of cancellation must be announced on the radio

  • The GED Administrator must inventory secure testing materials upon receipt, again before and after each test session

  • Complete other Fredericton Regional projects as time permits


The position is a full-time position 36.25 hours per week. The wage for the position ranges from $15 - $20 per hour based on education and experience. 


To Apply, please forward your resume and cover letter to

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