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Canadian Adult Learning Association (CAEC) Preparation Program - Distance

In order to register for the distance course, please contact Laura Burris at (506) 446-4052 to complete a pre-screening.

CAEC Distance is a self-paced course that prepares the learner to write the CAEC exams.

The learner can start at any time throughout the year. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are specific writing dates for the CAEC test. It is not possible to write the CAEC Test via distance. It must be done in person in one of the testing centers in the province and the learner must give 2 weeks notice prior to the date they wish to write the test.

The learner must either be 19 years of age or be turning 19 within a 4 month period of starting the CAEC program. However, in some cases, depending on the age and the experience of the person, exceptions may be made. These are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The learner is provided with a mentor who resides in their area to guide them through the course. The mentor will also give the learner their email address and telephone number should the learner need them at any point during the program. The mentor will also give the learner an information package that includes information on testing dates, who to contact when the learner is ready to write, information about the CAEC distance program, and frequently asked questions.

Format of the CAEC Distance Program

  • Everything is done by distance by the learner

  • There are 5 CAEC subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies,  Language Reading and Language Writing

  • 5 pre-tests (one for each of the CAEC subjects) are completed

  • Depending on the results obtained on the pre-tests, a number of lessons are assigned for each subject. The pre-test determines what the learner needs to learn and avoids having to review concepts that are already understood.

  • 5 post-tests (one for each of the CAEC subjects) are completed to determine if the learner is ready to write the CAEC test

  • If needed, lessons can be reassigned and redone to review

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