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"I am a 72 year old woman, and when I found out about the Financial Literacy Program, I decided that I would give it a try, thinking that there could not be much I wouldn’t know. Was I surprised about all the fine print that I was not aware of.

I have learned so much about banking, buying and renting, making decisions, maintaining a budget and so much more! And we are only halfway through the program!

This program has an added bonus with our instructor, Jason Darkis. He is very informative. Lessons well prepared and a very pleasant person with lots of patience for us seniors.

I would definitely recommend this program for anyone.

Thank you"

Marie Hunter

I am more confident working with the computer. The "fear" is gone.


"Taking this Financial Literacy Program has been an eye opener for me. We are only halfway through the course, and with Jason as our teacher we have learned so much already. It is a very well rounded program, with topics such as to buy verses to rent, managing a budget, bank charges and fees, fraud protection, and so many more!

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in adding to their financial knowledge."

Fran Forbes

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your help and expertise in teaching the "Computer Basics" course. I enjoyed the class very much and learned so much!

I especially love that you included the handouts on each topic you taught us, this is very helpful.

You are fabulous at your job, knowledgeable, very upbeat and easy to listen to! I only wish there was a "phase 2 ".

I attached my "Certificate of completion"...just to show you that I was paying attention in class and learned how to do this :)


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