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Nifty Needlers'

Funded by the Government of Canada's New Horizons for Seniors Program


The Nifty Needlers' Program is new to Central Valley Adult Learning Association Inc., and will be running from June 2016 to March 2017. This program offers seniors the opportunity to come together in their own communities and spend time learning about programs and applications on the computer that will help them be tech savvy.


The program engages volunteers from each community to bridge the generational divide and provide a chance for seniors to learn from youth and youth to learn from seniors. The program consists of a series of workshops run by volunteers that focus on four main areas which will help participants better understand and use technology and socially engage in the online world. 


Workshops Available:



This social networking site connects individuals around the world and enables instantaneous social interaction. Using Facebook can be confusing because it does so many things at once, but this workshop shows how it works and how to use it successfully. This workshop teaches how to create, secure, and use a profile, how to use the toolbar and tabs, how to find, add, and interact with friends, how to upload and tag photos, how to create groups and events, how to create posts and share things, as well as other Facebook basics.     


Microsoft Word

This word processing application enables users to create a variety of documents through its various tools and templates. This workshop shows how to use templates, how each tab functions, and how to use the tools and settings to create, edit, personalize, and save documents.        


Digital Camera & Basic Editing

Digital cameras are great tools for taking the perfect picture  because there are so many options and settings, but because of all their options they can sometimes be difficult to operate. This workshop demonstrates digital camera basics, how to upload pictures to the computer and basic editing skills.    


Skype & Video Messaging

Skype is a messaging service that uses text, voice, and video to make it easy to instant message, speak to and see people no matter where you are. This workshop shows how to create, personalize and secure a Skype account, how to use all of the messaging tools available, how to add and organize contacts, and other video messaging basics.   


 To register or volunteer for our Tech Savvy Seniors Program,
please contact Jessica Cleveland at 357-7892 or   
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