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Bringing Literacy to Life, Aboriginal Literacy Award Winner

CVALA Teachers, Staff and Board want to congratulate Tanya Murray for winning the Aboriginal Literacy Award with the essay she submitted to the Bringing Literacy to Life competition. She read her essay at the Peter Gzowski Invitational awards banquet on the 25th of April, 2017 and did a wonderful job. We are all proud of her.

"Bringing Literacy to Life

How does literacy affect people? More importantly, how has it affected me? I was in a rough patch in my life, depressed and finding it hard to get out of bed, or even go to work. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. This was when I realized it was time for me to make some positive changes in my life. I enrolled into the C.V.A.L.C. and took my first step and it was a huge decision for me. I left a fulltime management position not only to better educate myself, but also to reduce stress.

I am pleased that I followed the advice given to me by my friends and family members, all of whom are 100% supportive of my decision.

Back many years ago when I was sixteen I ended up leaving school to have my first child. I never thought I would have time to go back, so I just never bothered. I decided instead to start my family. After having three more children and going from job to job, I started to lose hope that I would ever be able to make something of myself, and set an example for my children.

My last job was great, but I began to face many challenges on a daily basis. I was assistant operations manager, but whenever opportunity for advancement arose, my name was brought up, but never chosen. Inside I personally thought it was due to my lack of education. This would lead to more stress for me.

I know that I am capable of getting by with what I know, but the fear of expressing my opinions with others, holds me back from getting ahead because I feel that I am not smart enough.

I am doing this program for myself. It is my goal to accomplish this. I also feel that I am showing and teaching my kids, that you can do anything you set your mind to do, no matter what age you are.

Each day here for me is a great learning experience. I enjoy coming to class. Literacy does not discriminate. There are people here from all ages, each has their own inspiring story. We are all the same regardless of our education. We all strive for the same goal. Some may reach their goal sooner than others, but we are all determined.

I am taking my time and not rushing through this. Math is a struggle sometimes, however my teacher is amazing. She works with me until I am comfortable doing it on my own. She deserves a lot of credit. She works with each student one on one everyday. She is very dedicated, and I find her qualities as a teacher inspiring. This in fact helps me get through class on my hard days.

Without this program, I would still be depressed, and struggling to stay at my job. I have been given the chance at a whole new outlook in my life. I know after completing this program, I will not only have the education I need too succeed, I will also have gained much more confidence in myself, friends, memories, and continued support to which ever path I travel. My goal, when finished, is to take a course to become a personal support care worker. I truly can not wait, as I have been working so hard to achieve this for myself and my family."

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