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Digital Learning Day

“We will not be able to achieve a liberating, collective intelligence until we can achieve a collective digital literacy”

- Megan Poore, Digital Literacy: Human flourishing and education in a knowledge society

Today is Digital Learning Day, when we recognize the outstanding efforts of our teachers, who work every day to increase the computer literacy skills of our learners. Just as reading and writing are essential skills, digital literacy is essential to function in our technology-rich society.

Literacy is the ability to discover, retain, and communicate information. More and more, that information is found and delivered digitally. Children today learn to use computers like they learn languages, through natural immersion, without recognition of the massive task they are undertaking. Digital natives, they communicate in ways their parents never imagined a few short decades ago. The rapid shift in society from analog to digital communications is irreversible, and constantly evolving.

How we use technology to interact with the world has a profound effect on our lives. When we understand computer basics, a new realm of learning opens up. We can use technology to stay in touch with friends and family, keep up with the news, find job opportunities, and locate infinite learning resources for people at all levels of digital learning.

In celebration of Digital Learning Day, check out some free online learning resources:

In less than two hours, get an introduction to computer basics, using a Mac or a PC, using email, and navigating the website. This is a great primer for people with no computer experience who may be intimidated by the internet.

Literacy doesn’t stop with the basics – it’s a lifelong pursuit. Once you get comfortable using websites, you might try building your own. Code Academy offers free interactive coding lessons for beginner programmers.

Have you ever wondered about human physiology? The music of the Beatles? What life was like when Thomas Jefferson was alive? Well, you can find out by taking a course from Coursera. Some of the world’s best universities put their courses online, free for anyone who has an interest.

For more help with computer basics, navigating the internet, online security and more, contact Central Valley Adult Learning Association Inc. (CVALA) for information about our free digital literacy program. Our dedicated teachers will work with you to increase your confidence online and get the most out of your computer. For more information, call 357-7892 or email

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