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Shawn's Story
Shawn Betts Central Valley Adult Learning Association (CVALA) Testimonial

How Is Continuous Learning Making A Difference In My Life?

My name is Shawn Betts.  This essay is about my struggle in life with reading and writing, spelling and how the learning centre has helped my literacy improved over three months.

I have my high school diploma, I know deep down that I was pushed through school my whole life. Sometime I wish that I could have been held back and helped more through school.  

Although I struggled in school, I joined the army and I was still struggling at my job so I asked  for help. My boss was told that I was able to attend class here at the Adult Learning Centre so I looked further in to it so.  I said to myself, “go for it, I can’t lose anything I only can gain!” Tonya is the teacher here at the Adult Learning Centre, she got me to do the intake assessment that everyone does before attending class. The assessment contains  reading and spelling, writing and sometimes math.

I have graduated, from high school but I said, “it has been  very difficult dealing with reading problems my whole life,” she said “yes it must have been.” I said it was emotionally painful for me but, I have done what I had to. The army is helping out and they will like to help me succeed in to my career. Tonya said that she could help me, I was so happy when someone said they could help me.

Now three months in and I can read so much more and my spelling has gotten a lot better than I could ever  imagine thanks to Tonya and my work, for letting me go to class, Its making my life a lot easier but now I may have a learning problem I was test in the past so I’m waiting to hear back from the Dr. I hope it’s soon because it will explain a lot to me and everyone.

I am more confident in helping my kids with school work and not like such a bad parent, I Know it’s not my fault. So that’s why doing all this help is going to be better for me and my family. I know there is still a lot of improvement to be  done but as long as I can come to the Adult Learning Centre I will improve. I know that doing stuff on my own will help me but I can get more stuff done and learn more here at the Adult Learning Centre than at home with four kids. So I can say that Continuous Learning is making a big difference in my life and I can thank everyone that helped me, and my family for all the support that I got and more. I know learning is a never ending road.


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