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Matt B's Story
March 2014 


Why I Want My GED


My name is Matthew Beamish and this is why I want to complete my G.E.D tests.


One of the regrets I have in my life is that I didn't finish school. I am 31 years old and now have decided that it is time for me to complete something I should have completed years ago. I don't like not finishing something. 


I am doing this for some personal reasons and work related reasons. I am a Sgt. in the Army, I have minimum education to join the Army and one thing I have learned in the Army is that you should strive to be your best at everything you do. I teach young troops on their Artillary training and have a hard time if I can't spell some words and know math problems. Also, one of my duties as a senior non-commission officer, is to write about the performance of the soldiers. It is hard to do that with out the literacy skills needed.


In conclusion, I just started to study my G.E.D at the Oromocto Adult Learning Program in March 2014. My teacher Tonya, has been great and has taught me alot so far. I am hoping that I am successful on the test and I will be a better leader. 



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