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Jo's Story

March 2014


I am attending Central Valley Adult Learning Association to obtain my G.E.D. This program enables individuals like myself to have the opportunity to finish high school. It is a very nice, positive environment. 


In this particular class we have some pretty interesting individuals here. To be able to come here to finish my schooling is a blessing. We have an outstanding instructor who is there for us every step of the way. When you have someone who believes in you, it really does make a difference.


Our instructor will explain whatever it is your having trouble with as many times and as many different ways as she can to help you until you understand. She has a good sense of humor too, thats a bonus! All the other students who attend CVALA are fairly decent as well. It's actually quite nice to know that other students are in the same boat. Sometimes it can be very nerve racking to enter into a class where you don't know anyone. Fortunately for us, our instructor has a way of making everyone feel welcome.


To me, this is more than getting my full diploma. This is a window of opportunity to be able to create a better life for both my daughter and myself. I never really understood why everyone kept telling me to stay in school until I grew up. I now know why they said it!


Growing up and trying to obtain your G.E.D isn't easy, but with the right instructor, and proper guidance, anything is possible. 


- Jo, adult learner at the Oromocto adult learning program.

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