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​​Does Your Community Need One of Our Programs?

Central Valley Adult Learning Association Inc. is an organization interested in growth through community outreach and developing new partnerships, and our funding partners support new programs in communities located in York, Queens and Sunbury counties. 



There is no longer a need to travel to Fredericton to get the services that are needed in rural areas. The nature of our programs allows us to offer them in rural areas where there is demonstrated need. There is no cost to getting a new program started in interested communities. All that is needed to start a program in your community are community members interested in and dedicated to attending the program, and a location where the program can be held.



If you are interested in getting one of our programs started in your community, contact us by phone at 446-4052 or email to see what it takes to set up a new CVALA learning centre to better serve you and the members of your community.

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