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George's Story
March 2014

I came here, to the Adult Learning Program to get my G.E.D after I was medically released from the Canadian Forces in November 2011, 41 years of service.


My first class was in April 2012. I attend the afternoon class before my work in the evening. So far I have done my first five exams in April 2013. I have passed my Social Studies, Reading, and Science but I have to redo my Math and Writing in April 2014. 


The class offers more than GED. I have also done my First Aid and CPR with the Work Safety Course, for free.


Our teacher, Tonya, is good working with us and we like her and her family. So far since Tonya started here, she has had thirty students pass their GED course.


When i pass my GED course I will send my family and friends a picture with me holding my GED certificate saying that i passed my GED! They will be so proud of me.  

April Earle Central Valley Adult Learning Association (CVALA) Testimonial
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