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Volunteer with CVALA

Volunteers are a vital part of our organization. Volunteers can find rewarding opportunities providing many different services that help us meet our goals, vision, and values across New Brunswick.


Our programs are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the communities we serve, so keep in touch to see what new opportunities arise.


CVALA is seeking volunteers with specific skills and interest in the following areas:


Website Maintenance and Design 

To keep the website current and user friendly.  


Event Planning and Fundraising

To provide event planning support for various events.


Social Media

Monitor and keep information current by providing regular information updates on programs, services, events and staff.


Teaching and Instruction

Help program teachers and instructors set up, facilitate, and clean up classes and programs*

*not always available; depends on program offerings (i.e. not available for the GED program) 


Marketing and Communications 

To assist with the development and management of marketing campaigns and promotion of key programs and projects, including recruitment of learners and volunteers.

Don't see what you're looking for?


Here at CVALA, we work with our dedicated individuals and their skill sets to find a position or assignment that they're passionate about. If we don't have a position right away, we will definitely keep you on our contact list for any future projects that you'd be a great fit for. 

To find out more about volunteer opportunities in your area please contact

Executive Director, Laura Burris at

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