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General Education Development Preparation Program

Day and evening classes available

The GED certificate is widely accepted as high school ​equivalency. We accept anyone into this program who wants to pass the GED exam.  You are free to work at your own pace and can attend classes full-time, part-time, or in the evening at select locations until you are ready to write the exam.


The GED covers 5 major subjects:​

Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing.​

The in-class program operates on a 52 week contract year-round from September to August. Intake to the class is ongoing. The program offers a variety of services including literacy, upgrading, pre-GED, GED preparation and computer literacy skills. Schedules for learners are flexible to accommodate full- or part-time attendance. There is a common intake assessment of learners so that learners can start at their own skill level and work at their own pace. Training is free and class size is small to allow for one-on-one instruction.

Intake Assessment Process

Intake assessment is done with a teacher who continues to provide personalized instruction to the learner throughout the duration of the program, and takes between 2-4 hours to complete. It consists of two components: Language Arts and Math. The Language Arts component involves reading comprehension exercise - such as reading passages with comprehension questions- and word lists of increasing difficulty. The Math component involves worksheets focused on the use of addition, multiplication, etc. to the use of more complicated formulas. Overall, the assessment gauges the needs of individual learners so that they can recieve the instruction that is best for them.

Literacy, Upgrading, and Pre-GED

Students can upgrade their reading, writing, and math skills in all grade levels. This upgrading can be designed to meet a particular need of a learner with respect to job or educational requirements. For example, a learner may need to upgrade his or her math skills in order to be considered for a particular job. The Pre-GED program aims to help learners who are not quite ready for the GED program improve basic skills until they are ready to advance.

GED Preparation

GED (General Educational Development) preparation is offered at all Adult Learning Centres. GED tests are a group of five subject tests (math, science, social studies, reading, and writing) which, when passed, certifies that the taker has achieved high school academic equivalency. The GED is usually accepted for jobs or educational programs that require a high school diploma.

For more information about our Pre-GED and GED Program, please contact our main office at 506-446-4052 or

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